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What's so great about this team?

When I was first licensed, I wanted training on contracts and literally "how does someone buy a house?" before I wanted training on lead-generation.  I wanted to shadow successful agents.  I needed some hand-holding and a lot of explanation! It was soo hard to find people (other agents and even brokerages) who had the time and willingness to offer me hands-on learning for today's market! The next hurdle was lead generation. I needed this knowledge to have confidence.

When I finally had the confidence, I needed the lead generation skills. It turns out, being a realtor isn't about helping people buy and sell houses. Being a realtor is about  finding  people who want to buy and sell houses. I admit, I was a little disappointed. That wasn't the job I wanted. And who was going to teach me how to generate enough business to sustain myself? 

And finally, how much was all of this going to cost me?? It seemed the going rate was for my broker/team to take 70% of my commission! No matter what I did, I couldn't get ahead. I couldn't quit my day job and I was spinning my wheels trying to make it all work.

I didn't know much, but I did know  I wasn't giving up.  Fast forward and I've created what I couldn't find:

  • Low team splits (20% on team leads, 5% on all other deals)

  • Opportunities to shadow and apprentice

  • Marketing materials done for you!

  • Gameplan for working your SOI (sphere of influence)

  • Scripting and roleplaying

  • Pre-approved buyer leads for experienced agents (as many as you can handle!)

We need agents all over Houston and the surrounding areas. If you have a  drive to help people, willingness to learn, and want to be a part of something greater than yourself,  then please set up a meeting with me and let's chat! 

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