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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Hi! Welcome to the team, I am so excited you're here!

These are the first things you need to do, only the first 3 need to be done immediately:

  • #1. Make sure you have signed the team agreement that I have sent you from DotLoop. Do it now if you have not already.

  • #2. If you are a brand new agent or have less than 3 closed transactions, I will need to be your eXp mentor. If we haven't discussed this, email me and ask me about mentorship right now.

  • #3. eXp will get you set up in our MLS, HAR. Make sure you return any requested docs back to eXp ASAP so you can be setup.

    • Take a look at the HAR/MLS/Matrix post

    • Sign up for the required Matrix Orientation course

    • Sign up for a CMA course

    • In general, I can't encourage taking Matrix courses enough, it is a huge and powerful software and there is SO much to know about it all!

    • You don't need to worry about signing up for MLS Platinum until you are closing deals.

  • I will give you a team email address, and you can absolutely use it for business! However, you may want to consider utilizing your own email address for your transactions and business dealings. I strongly suggest you create a separate email from your personal email address. I also strongly discourage you from setting up any accounts (supra, showingtime, any other associations) with an email address that you don't fully control. More on why I suggest this to come in another post later.

  • Sign up for ShowingTime. ShowingTime is the appointment scheduling service. If I remember correctly, you have to call them to get set up. You just need the cheapest plan for right now. You don't need to do this until you are ready to start touring houses, but hopefully you are ready to do that pretty soon. I think it's about $30/month for the cheaper plan.

  • Sign up for Supra access. Supras are lockboxes that we open using bluetooth on our phone with the Supra app. Supra access is about $13/mo. The Supra site is tricky and Supras in general can be finicky. You have to call HAR to set this up for you: HAR central - (713) 629-1900

  • You may use SkySlope Forms or DotLoop for contracts and e-signing. DotLoop is free from HAR and SkySlope Forms is provided through eXp. I currently use DotLoop because it has a functioning mobile app (fyi the other signing services don't! 😎) and because SkySlope forms is brand new and I haven't had much of a chance to look at it (as of Nov 2021!)

    • I can help you and will provide tutorials for DotLoop setup and use

    • You will need to rely on eXp training/the World if you decide to use SkySlope Forms

  • Make sure you have downloaded eXp World software,

    • Bookmark these:

    • eXpEnterprise

    • SkySlope

    • Workplace

    • If you are a mentee, bookmark Mindflash too.

    • **Reminder, you can login to everything eXp with your eXp passport login (usually and whatever password you created)

  • eXp offers us a CRM: kvCore. I don't currently use it, but I am familiarizing myself with it to help y'all (I use an expensive CRM that I don't even actually use...) I do encourage you to explore and get in the habit of using a CRM (more details on CRM later.)

When these steps are complete, move on to the HAR/MLS/Matrix post! :)

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