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You can have what you want.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, free, or obvious. I'm just saying it exists. And, you can have it. 

 Meet Chelsea. 

Chelsea enjoys lifting, camping, travelling, and DIY home decor. Oh yeah, and cozying up with her black cat, Jasmine. 🥰🥰


"I've learned that I love creating. And, I used to think that to be an artist, you needed to know how to paint, or draw, or dance, and I realize now that everything we do is art: Starting a business, developing a training manual, leading a team is all artistry. We are all artists. I think realizing that was my first lesson in self-empowerment."

With a diverse background ranging from merchandise buying and fashion retail, graphic design and marketing,

e-commerce,  fitness,  executive assistance, and various roles in management, Chelsea Wingardh's 

expertise and experience set her apart.

USA00238 copysm.jpg

I want to help you.

I love helping people. In fact, before I knew I wanted to be a Realtor, I felt very lost but I knew I wanted three things in a career:

1. To be my own boss and set my own schedule.

2. To never reach a salary ceiling.

3. To genuinely help people.

Trust me, if I can do this, so can you. We can talk about the habits that tend to lead to success, the stories you should probably stop telling yourself/along with the new ones you probably should, and how to dream even bigger!

Start surrounding yourself with people who have what you want. Get curious. Ask questions. I'm always happy to share my experiences, successes, and even failures. Success is not one size fits all, but it does leave clues.

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